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Do I break my rules, or just back off.

Dear Shirley and how to get viagra Steve. I am in my early 30's and I have been single and without sex for almost 6 months, but I don't want to be in another relationship. So I decided to make a proposition to a guy who hangs with the same crowd I go out with. He is loud, arrogant, flirtatious, a show-off and everything I would NEVER want in a man which is why I targeted him. He agreed to my proposition and I proposed that if we started to feel anything, then it was time to break it off. A few days after we had sex, he sends me a text asking me not to only best offers discount online cialis sext him so much because he has a lady friend that he is getting serious with, and to limit it to when we were ready to "Play" again. I was shocked because he said nothing about her when I asked him! One thing I promised myself I would never be is stjameschurchofkingsessing.com a "home wrecker". I am talking to other guys as well, but nothing that is serious. Do I just walk away from this situation, or take advantage of cheap viagra tablets the "stringless" engagement until he and this woman make things official?

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