Good morning Steve, Shirley, Tommy and Carla.

I love the show, and am glad there's finally a worth while morning show to listen to in the morning. I'm going to make this as short as possible. I got evolved with this man at the age of 17 lost my virginity to him at 18, married at 21 found out that he was a no good DOG, with no ambitions (I know, 4 years to figure out he was no good, forgive my stupidity) and am now going through a annulment at 22, which has not been finalized as of yet. The thing is I'm use to getting "it" on the regular, and I've been separated for about 5 months. I feel I have no choice but to wait until the divorce is finalized to find a "friend". Which it will take about six months to get to know someone and not to mention HIV/AIDS testing before there are sexual encounters. I've been very moody, and don't know what to do with myself. I'm not a fan of taking care of myself, because there’s just nothing like the touch of a man. What should I do, seriously?

 Yours truly,

Confused and sexually frustrated

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