Hey Steve and Shirley, let's get straight into it. My co-worker is FAT. I work in an environment full of women and we all have our issues and are working on different things to better ourselves. I have one co-worker that admits she weighs nearly 300 pounds… she says she wants to lose weight, but she is also in denial! She says she retains weight because she doesn't eat enough. She says everyone’s body is different and dieting doesn’t work for her because when she only eats a little, her body retains everything. She also says she is healthy... She says doesn't have high blood pressure but she takes medicine for it. She says a lot of men want to date her, but she turns them down because she doesn't want to be used for her good looks. Even though she says she's healthy, the whole office is disturbed by with her excessive heavy breathing and shaking of office cubicles when she walks by. Ya'll take my word for it, she is fat! I have tried to ignore her when she says she does not need to lose weight, but I just can't do it anymore. She is big and unhealthy, but she’s a sweet person. She's just in denial. What is a nice way to tell her she is fat and foolish and she needs to get it together? Please help.

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