I’m a 30 something single, most of the time intelligent, successful female.  I‘ve been on my current job for 5 years.  To make a long story short I’ve been dating my boss for about a year and a half and he is married.  His wife is a sweetheart and I tried numerous times to break it off because I was not ready to mess with anyone’s husband or significant other.  And maybe I am making this situation more complicated than it is. The way this affair started is so weird.  My boss would come into my office with these sad stories, which now was a plot to gain my sympathy and I was a confidant and counselor to put it mildly.  Then he started giving me bonuses and gifts, you name it, I got it.  Until finally after a year of gifts he asked me to dinner with no strings attached.  At least that’s what he said.  Well, I went to dinner with him and need I say more a year later I am singing this song.  He makes me feel like the woman I know I am but it isn’t right.  Nothing about it is right.  The advances, the money, the gifts, the vacations all feel good for the moment but afterwards I feel like a prostitute.  I know better and have tried numerous times to tell this man I don’t want to do this because there is no future in us.  I also honestly tell him I want the best for his marriage but it seems he just doesn’t care about anything but himself and I don’t know what to do except change jobs. I avoid phone calls when I am not at work but on Monday morning the cycle restarts again.  I feel like I am depriving myself of a real relationship with a single available gentleman dealing with this guy.  I want to be married someday and know I will reap what I have sewn and I am willing to accept and deal with that because there is no way around it.  But I want to allow room for my mate the one God is destined for me to come with no hindrances.  Please help a sister out that is really trying to do what is morally right.  Steve and Shirley, Not a prostitute but feeling like one in the south.