Good Morning Steve and Shirley, I need your help. I have no idea how to tell my very sensitive friend of 10 years that her breath stinks. I've known this for our entire friendship, but always just figured she knew or she couldn't help it. Lately, the smell has gotten worse. A few months ago, she came over to my house to drop her baby off and she needed to use our computer before she left. Well, she stunk up my entire apartment with her breath! My husband was disturbed and jokingly told me that she wouldn't be welcomed back because of her bad breath. I really think she needs a more serious cleaning than a toothbrush and mouth wash can give. The plaque has hardened on the enamel of her teeth, so she has rotten looking teeth and seriously bad breath that only a dentist could fix. I don't think she knows because when she talks to you, she gets really close to your face and breathes hard, especially when she is winded. I finally have the nerve to tell her without feeling embarrassed, so help me! She wants to start dating again and I want her to be happy, but I know she won't get any further than the first date because of her breath. I just need to know what's the best and least hurtful way to tell her. I know you guys are going to joke about it and that's cool, but first I need your serious advice on how to tell her.

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