Hello Steve and Shirley, my husband and this chick have been friends since high school. They don't talk on the phone all the time, to my knowledge, but when they do it’s always around her birthday and she always plans a trip to our hometown for her birthday. The past few times she’s come to town, she has invited us out to dinner with her and her baby daddy because she wants to meet me. My husband shared with me that they have been intimate before. I love and respect him for telling me and I understand that he had a life before I came into the picture. Well Steve and Shirley, here’s my problem… I don't want to meet her because she has been on the same “train” that I’m currently riding on and I don't want to have dinner with someone that has been intimate with my husband before. My husband thinks I’m tripping. He has told me he loves me and he doesn’t want her and that we should go out to dinner so I can meet her. Am I wrong for telling my husband that I don't want to meet her and have dinner, or should I just suck it up and go because it’s something from his past? Can y’all help me please? This goes back to the old question… can men and women be JUST friends?


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