Hey everybody!!!

I am having the most craziest time in my life. My mother who i love dearly believes that everyone in the household is putting "root" on her. Me personally I don't believe in the crap and I for darn sure will not waste my hard earn money on such hocus pocus. My mother has diabetes and evidently a slight case of dementia. Most of this is coming from her side of the family because they go to "root-workers" to get spells taken off them or to cast some of their own. My father, my sister, who recently had an ICD (defibrilator) implanted, myself and are is getting stressed out because my mom is always accusing of harming her such as making her sick, taking her hair out, making her look like a man, and so much other bull. I tell her that she need to go to church and pray to God. Then she said that it was God that told her that the we were putting the fix on her. I can't take it anymore....WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Sincerely, Sane Daughter with an Insane Mother

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