Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a 42 year old, attractive, single mother that has never been married. I always seem to attract men that never want to commit. Recently, I started going out more, took salsa lessons and I started dating more. Because I am a single mother, I am always doing things for me and my daughter on my own. I had become very independent and when I would go on dates, I insisted on paying for myself. All of my friends, both male and female, say that I am too independent and that I need to let the guy pay for me, pick me up and make me feel like I have value, at least for the first few "courting" dates. Recently I met a man who I originally thought I clicked with and decided to try it this way and I let him pay for our first date. Everything was good until date number 2. During this date, he started throwing hints that I needed to chip in for the bill. He told me that this is the new millennium, and women shouldn't expect men to pay anymore. I told him that I still have old fashioned values about dating and the man should pay. The night was a disaster and although he still wanted to see me, I really was turned off. The final straw came when I was telling him how I wanted to travel and experience new things and cultures. He went back to talking about his money and I told him I think we are incompatible and I did not want to see him anymore. Am I wrong for doing this? Or was he right… should a girl not expect to be “courted” anymore?


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