Dear Steve and Shirley,

Recently I moved in with my fiancé while we plan our wedding next year and I was upstairs cleaning putting stuff in the attic and I saw that his ex-wife had stuff still up there. They’ve been divorced over a year but separated prior to that for 4 years. So she's not been living in that household well over 5 to 6 years. Anyway I saw that her stuff was still in the attic pictures of her from college with friends and ex-boyfriend, some close, family pictures stuff like that. Was I wrong for tossing it all in the trash. Close I gave to the Goodwill but pictures I am tossing I mean I figured if she wants the stuff she would've gotten it by now. She bought a home behind his back and packed up all her stuff and bounced all without his knowledge so why didn't you take then. They have children together so they have to speak and have to see one another for pick up and drop off so it is not like she could not have asked for it over the last five years since this is MY HOUSE NOW and I am headed female of this house. The last thing I need is bad energy from the past especially some from a still bitter ex-wife. I say bitter because she comes from a family of her words mean negroideon divorces. She would've been perfectly happy to remain separated till death like her other family members but he wanted to get rid of her so he could move on with his life and me. So am I wrong to throw it out and to give her a heads up about. Like I said she let this stuff stay for 5 to 6 years and not mention it once.

Mind you this is a bitter ex-wife/baby mama drama stuff. She does not want her kids around me without their father present which is dumb because helping her out by keeping them. We have no children yet waiting till after we're married. so to think she's hurting me by not keeping the kids is stupid I can name 15 things I could be doing with my Saturday but yet she will complain that she is no personal time. Hey she could've had it but she blew it so this is the mentality that he and I have to deal with thanks guys love the show.

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