As we all know by now that Don Cheadle killed his role in Kendrick Lamar's "DNA." music video. But, what more could you expect from a seasoned, award-winning actor? 

While speaking to Billboard, Cheadle spoke about the experience of filming with K. Dot. Many believed that the actor's role in the visual was random, though amazing. But, Cheadle's character in Rush Hour 2 inspired the visual -- not to mention Lamar's Kung Ju Kenny alter ego. The actor, himself, didn't even know this until recently. 

While speaking about how he got in the visual, Cheadle said: "He just hit me out the blue and said, 'Hey, I'm doing this thing. I got this video." 

He continued: "You wanna come through and maybe do it?' I was like, 'Yeah. For sure. I don't even know what it is, but of course.' He sent me the rap and said, 'Can you get this down?' I was like, 'Are you f--king crazy?'' [Laughs] 

When asked about learning K. Dot's "DNA." lyrics, Cheadle said: "He gave me [the rap] and I was really sweating because I was worried about making a fool out of myself. [Laughs.]...The best thing, really, about it for me was that I had no idea what the setup was. They told me to bring a suit and that I was gonna be a cop. That's all they really told me. I showed up and saw the whole thing. When we were trading back and forth, we just started improv-ing. That was just us messing around. That was the fun part for me because I was like, "Oh, so you want to act a little bit?" So we just did it like that."

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**WARNING: Explicit language below**