My gentleman's girlfriend is still living with him!

Dear Steve and Shirley, I broke up with a gentleman I was dating for only 3 months. His baby’s mother lives at his house and he said that he’s been telling her to go for the past 14 years and she is dragging her feet. He told me on our first date and asked me to bear with him, as he does not have a relationship with this woman, but he has a son with her who is now 13 yrs old. I said to him, “When you told her to leave is it that you were having sex with her, but at the same time putting her out?” He said yes! He was just plain stupid. I said that does not make sense. I said to myself, "You are plain stupid." He kept on saying to bear with him since his child is involved. I grew tired of this. Yes, he treats me well, but I didn’t see where he was making any changes in his relationship and I could only see him once a week, as he has to spend time with his son - doing homework, cooking, and preparing his clothes, as the little boy’s mother does not take care of the best choice buy cialis on line him, He says she is not a mother to his son and he wants her to leave. I asked why he wouldn’t go to court to deal with this and he finds excuses. I gave him so many options and very good site buy low price cialis nothing. So I just got up one morning and broke it off. I told him I place value on myself and I do not need to be a side piece or a mistress, I have never done it before and I will not tolerate it now. He told me I am unreasonable to break up with him after all he has done for me. I told him what seems unreasonable to you is not unreasonable to me. I got values, end of story. I told him to continue his dirty, low life he’s had for the past 14 years and I told him he was downright selfish. He was upset.


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@LW..why did it take 3 Months for you to ditch this monster? After 24 years the woma, in most juridictions, is his common law wife, anyway. She has just as much rights as any spouse to best canadian pharmacy'>best canadian pharmacy the assets that he has and will get some additional money.when they seperate. I can believe you fell for this lame line that you wrote that he fed you..he seen a sucker and at least got a three month booty call. You finally tired of his mess but not before you got in a mess. Good luck to you. In the future, if a man is living with anyone, pass immediately and find yourself another avenue of love. You wasted three months(?), if I believe you, of your precious life on just try! best prices on levitra a dead end street...I'm OUT..


Your Gentleman is someone else's man and you were his side piece for three months that's all. He had his wifey and son at home and was wining and dining you on the side until you said something about this arrangement. He has been with his wifey since the budget levitra'>budget levitra beginning at least 14 years, maybe more so lets not act like he was trying to make her leave and she is a dead beat mom, who lets a man or especially a woman hang around all this time and not be a parent to their child, WHO?

Lisa D
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I would have left if he had told me our first date night it was 1 year she was there but 14?? That was self explanatory. I would have smiled, enjoyed the dinner and got on down baby!! No, No, No...

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Placing value on yourself is not exactly knowing your worth. FYI never place a value on your person you will always sell yourself cheap, but know your worth before you enter into a relationship. If you do then chances are you will never get involve with someone that isn't free to love you completely. You dated this man knowing he was involved then you accepted things from him so your value was the price of those things and where to find viagra a triangle. If you would have known your worth you wouldn't have sold yourself so cheaply and then decided that the price he paid wasn't enough. He obviously is more involved with the mother of his child then he let on. Good you got out of this triangle before it became a circus. Good luck

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It's past time you females put your COMMON SENSE to use. Maybe if you do that, COMMON SENSE will actually fall into place and you will realize the situation for what it is. He was never your GENTLEMAN anything since GENTLEMAN don't SHACK UP. What if they're MARRIED. Even if they're not 'legally' married, they've been PLAYING HOUSE for so long that they're ASSociation can be recognized as COMMON LAW depending on the state they live in. The bottom line is he doesn't want her gone. You've kicked him to the curb, so what's the purpose of a Strawberry Letter. No one cares about the monkey ACTing like he's upset; he gets booty every night so he'll get over it. ACTing like he's upset is his antic to gain empathy from you. Leave the situation alone and do better next time without the self-imposed DRAMA. Date (without having sex) MEN (if you find one) who don't have children if you don't have children. Only date MEN (they're really non-existent) who are FINANCIALLY, SPIRITUALLY, and EMOTIONALLY aligned with you. Be CASUAL when meeting them and do NOT put your feelings or emotions into anything they say. Have a callous tone (just like they do) and do not have any expectations since you will be disappointed. Most importantly, KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED. If (over a period of cialis online sales'>cialis online sales time longer than 3 months) you connect fine, if not - tell him to Have a Good Life and be grateful that you were SMART enough to get rid of him.

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You did the right thing. Now stay gone until he acts right! That means no baby' mama drama. If the mama don't take care of him, he should get full custody. The baby mama needs to go. But after 14 years, don't be too quick to take him back. Let him stew for awhile once the mama is gone. Let him be mad. He should have acted right in the first place. Be blessed!

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Your a smart women!!!

Migraine from this letter
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My doctor said that I have to stop reading Strawberry Letters because I'm getting too many headaches. Now…woman…where do I start? Don't call him a gentleman. You got out of the relationship. Good job. Now…what do you want from us? To tell you that you were were. Now, what made you stay with someone who you knew was a dog? Figure that out. Oh yea and you were already a side chick. You know that man was still with his baby mama…that's probably his wife. Don't fall for it. NOBODY is that busy that they can only see you once a week while dating.


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