Do I break my rules, or just back off.

Dear Shirley and Steve. I am in my early 30's and I have been single and without sex for almost 6 months, but I don't want to be in another relationship. So I decided to make a proposition to best canadian pharmacy'>best canadian pharmacy a guy who hangs with the same crowd I go out with. He is loud, arrogant, flirtatious, a show-off and everything I would NEVER want in a man which is why I targeted him. He agreed to my proposition and I proposed that if we started to feel anything, then it was time to break it off. A few days after we had sex, he sends me a text asking me not to sext him so much because he has a lady friend that he is getting serious with, and to limit it to when we were ready to "Play" again. I was shocked because he said nothing about her when I asked him! One thing I promised myself I would never be is a "home wrecker". I am talking to other guys as well, but nothing that is serious. Do I just walk away from this situation, or take advantage of the "stringless" engagement until he and this woman make things official?


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@LW..Why in the world would you want anyone to ENDORSE your loose lifestyle. Why pnly an idioit would have relationships the way you are conducting yourself. My serious and I mean serious ADVICE is that you get control of your outrageous HORMONES. I can understand your loneliness and your desire for sexual gratification..THAT''S ALL NATURAL! But your desire to share yourself with just any man that will have sex with you is PROPOSTEROUS..and far more than that it's DANGEROUS! Far too risky than any exercise you could ever expect to do and very good site buy low price cialis maintain your dignity, your character, sanity and above all your femininity. Where is levitra order'>levitra order your SELF ESTEEM?. Why are you in such a quandary about your ability to fund a man that respects you and loves you. You are walking down the wrong path and need a wake up call. Even if you have so-called "safe sex", what if a condom breaks and you catch something incurable, which is so pervasive in our society today? answer is not to persue any of your asinine patterns to sexual satisfaction. I said "GROW UP, and face REALITY. Your ideas are so damaging to just try! best prices on levitra you as a woman, as a human being and a decent member of cialis online sales'>cialis online sales society. To each her own but in your case you can afford to have this horrible stigma over your head, regardless of your problems getting affection. If you need just sex, just satisfy yourself until you can find a man, I mean a real man. Don't ruin your reputation, so that no man will want you. What you're proposing will only gain you a reputation as an easy lay for anyone and NO MAN that has any morals, principles or worth his weight in honor will consider you anything but a whore, never a wife..I'm OUT...

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@ Letter Writer … Girl, please, women have tried this tactic for years and failed. Your intention was deceptive from the beginning. You’re so attracted to this guy and it’s cleverly concealed in your letter, but most people can read between the lines. You’re just disappointed because your plan got botched up. You thought your body and sexting was going to capture him. You must have been blowing up his cell phone after only a few days. As you stipulated in your stupid proposition, you should break it off since you have feelings for him. EPIC FAIL!

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Put yourself in the other woman's shoes and ask that question again. How would you feel if your man was in a relationship with you and he was also sleeping with some other woman? And you can't be mad at the guy. He held up his side of you all's sex bargain. BTW, why do you even care? Evidently you have developed feelings for this guy; otherwise, you wouldn't have written this strawberry letter. You are trying to do what men do and women are not wired like that. Keep on if you want to, but if you do so, you are setting yourself up for some hurt feelings.

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Girl bye..


if you are a woman with integrity you know what you have to do, if not continue to play these games and be the best hood rat that you can be. If it's all about sex do you, because hie's not gonna commit to you, she or any other female only so just protect yourself if you want to get down nasty & grimy like two dogs in heat and hope one day a man will want to make a hood rat into his lady.

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Even though it is no strings attached for you two, he is attached to someone and you shouldn't come between that now that you know. Find you another play mate and where to find viagra leave him alone. You are grown so any advice may fall on death ears. While sex is a necessary object it should be pursued with caution. You seem to have thrown caution to the wind when it comes to having sex. You may be doing it to be full filled in that department but because we are comprised of so much more then sexual needs, don't sell yourself short by making propositions that can leave you hollow inside. Your body is a canvas be careful who you let paint on it.... Enjoy life but live responsibly. Good luck..

Emily Laveder
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uhm...women are hunters...look up animals...hunt for food in alot of our disrespect...national geograghphic is awesome!

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LW--What happened in your last relationship that has completely turned you off?? So you want to be associates with benefits, with not feeling involved? That's really hard to do when intimate with someone. It's almost impossible to keep your intimate feelings at bay when connecting and enjoying it. Also, from your information, your new sex partner lied about keeping HIS feelings to himself. ANYWAY, you do know there are plenty of ways to get sexually satisfied, RIGHT?? Also, know this, you're NOT a home wrecker if the dude is not married to this women OR at least living with her! However, it's a good thing you do have some morals by NOT wanting to stay sexually involved with this dude since he's about to enter into a relationship. I'd say, if he continues with this connection with this other women. BACK OFF and find another conquest! Lastly, I think you DO want to be in a relationship, but you're affraid to put yourself out there again because of the pain your last relationship ended with. Move past that and live your life---YOU ONLY GET ONE!

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First of all my mother taught my sisters and I "A man can never give us back our sex" so if you and he have no plans on being together stay away. Second, we are all human and I am not judging you, and I too have been with men in MY past that I did not have a relationship with, BUT! why would you give yourself JUST for sex????? Although he allegedly did not tell you about him being in a relationship, that's neither here nor there. Let me tell you a secret "I have been without a man for over a year." I don't need someone who is in my life JUST for sex. Get a hold of yourself - take up some classes (Art, Jewlery making, etc.) something enjoyable. Take care of yourself and get your mind of sex and God will send you who He wants in your life. See men come after me after holding a conversation with me and asking me about my life, and when (I tell them because I have A LOT!!!! to offer) 24 years active service, college education, and MORE, (this is about you not me) they want what you have but they don't want to bring ANYTHING to the table. DON'T put yourself out there like that. Read Steve Harvey's book, Act Like A Lady, But Think Like A Man. God bless you and keep you (Aids and all that is harmful to you.) Peace! Oh! one more thing R E S P E C T yourself!!!!!!

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Run for your life. You can do better

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I would back off! Anytime a man mentions another woman or calls me another woman's name it's time to back off. Especially if he says it's getting serious.

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Dear Writer, You sound like a loose woman to cheap levitra no prescription me. You want a sex buddy and I wonder why you don't want more for yourself. You really want to be used and abused by men? You are every man's dream. And in my eyesight you are nasty, and yes you are a home wrecker. That is why there are so many dirty nasty men out there women like you. I'm appalled.

Norfolk-Virginia Bch-Nwprt Nws, VA - 95.7 R&B

Come on lady, you just want to get laid. Why do you even care about the other female? You just want to be the "Booty Call on Call". You are just like us men now. Good Luck.

Norfolk-Virginia Bch-Nwprt Nws, VA - 95.7 R&B

What the the best choice buy cialis on line hell you shocked at!? Just cause YOU don't want him as YOUR man don't mean he ain't seeing no one. Steve says it time and time again...we as men are NEVER off. Just cause you took a 6 month pit-hoe-stop doesn't mean the world stops. And what you think is a "stringless" engagement is more than that; he just didn't tell YOU! But this man wasn't at liberty to disclose anything to you. The terms were simple: when either started to feel something then it was time to break it off. Sounds like he only wanted to hit (ONCE...let me stress that). You said that you don't want be a home wrecker and he dealing with someone soooo....No need to feel some type of way...MOVE ON!!!!!!! DUH You're the one starting to sound like there's feelings much that you wrote a letter smh. This is a cookie cutter situation (pun intended) LOL

Mrs. T
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Writer whats the problem, why do you have to contemplate what you should do. You said that you were looking for a feelingless arrangement. So, if your feelings are not involved and you are not a home wrecker, cut it off and move on to the next dude.But, see you are not built for that type of arrangement and budget levitra'>budget levitra that is why you are writing this strawberry letter. Girl Please!!!!!


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