My husband passed away in April of this year. At the funeral two females approached my children stating that they have other sibling. My children was shocked and later told me what the women had said. I was extremely upset. I did not know about the other children. In the past I had question my husband and ask him was he having an affair and he said No, I knew he was not telling the cialis info truth. But I did not have proof. He always paid the bills in our home and took care of our children so I did not push the issues anymore. My question is this - WHY do women destroy children life's by telling them about the other children at their fathers funeral. Are they just trying to disgrace their father or just wish to disrespect their mother? I never met the two woman but if they had some issues they should had approached me not my children. What kind of woman (s) would do something like this at a funeral? My children are now receiving counseling.

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You have every right to be upset with those women. I totally agree with the you. If a woman is going to conceal her children father's identity, then they should at least have the respect to talk with his wife about how they can break the news to the viagra profesional'>viagra profesional children. In fact, why wait until the man dies. I THINK EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO KNOW WHERE HE OR SHE COMES FROM. KEEPING YOUR CHILDREN'S FATHER OR A MAN'S CHILDREN A SECRET IS JUST WRONG!!!!! Your children probably are lost because I do not doubt that they thought well of their father, and now they are confused and have questioned everything about their father at this point. Sometimes it does not pay to keep a closed mouth and deaf ear to situations; however, as a wife I guess you did the right thing.

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Wow, sounds like most of the responders of this letter are mistresses. People always feel like the wife should turn the other cheek. Maybe if you stop being mistresses, you would become someone's wife. You kept your secret all of this time just so you could continue to have someone's husband. Now that he's gone, you want to expose your sordid affair. They had no right to approach the kids. They should have waited until after the funeral and approached the viagra next day wife so that she could kick their *&(%^&.

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Sounds like she didn't think that through. She should have thought about that before doing it. To be honest she could have told them and you before then but she was a side whore so how much respect do you expect from her?

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How old are your children that they need counseling because they found out they have other siblings? I agree that the funeral WAS NOT THE BEST PLACE to tell them, and if they are young, I do agree that the women SHOULD HAVE approached you (after the funeral) ONLY IF their intent is to viagra online sales now let the children get to know each other. If the women live close to you, it's important for the children to know who they are related to in order to avoid some messy issues that may occur (dating, hearing the streets talking, insurance etc.). I do not think you should be offended unless the women disrespect you (which I doubt is their m.o. considering they've been quiet until now), but you should probably try to reach out to them in order to clear up the situation. I'm curious if the women know about each other as well and are just trying to create issues.

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Shame on you Steve, all of this was created because of a low dirty man, cheating on his wife. Whatever happens next remember created this mess and on another these women are allowed to do this because back again, Steven, he created this, boo.

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It may not have been about you. Maybe they feel the kids should know there sibling so they wont be talking about they dating the bother or sister. Then again people can be harsh some time.

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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who does that at a funeral? Seriously, depending on the age of your children I would be mad. These ladies should have took you aside and told you first before talking to your children. #tooda__messyforme.


Okay, at the funeral and to the the kids without you being present was a little low I agree.Is it the fact that you didn't know?The question is how old is everyone, obviously not little kids or you would be talking about doing something to these women. And counseling for what? So he had outside FAMILIES, who apparently knew about each other and you & your kids. He must have had a very good job to take care of at least three families and it didn't stop a beat. The problem is you feel PLAYED by the deceased husband because he did all of this under your eyes and almost, well did get away with it because you can't confront him about the infidelity(s) now. I think that you need the recommended site herbal alternative to viagra counseling more than the kids do because this type of behavior with outside men or women happen all of the time, the only problem is men are probabilities and women are for sure parents of the questionable kids because they have to carry the kid(s) or get an abortion to only here buy cialis in england erase the their mistake (the kids are not mistakes, just to way that they were conceived)and he got away with it, so just deal with the fact that your man was someone else's man in this case a few others man too. Stop using the kids for SYMPATHY lady and get over the embarrassment that it has caused you and your REPETITION and if true let them know their siblings and you out of everyone accept the fact that he fooled around on youand your marriage wasn't perfect.

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LW--Sorry for your lost and our prayers for you, your kids, and extended family. These women are FOUL. They did this to hurt you and your kids---PERIOD. I hope you told your kids it's simply not true and DO NOT believe anything these ungratefull women have told them. Without a DNA test, they DO NOT have any other siblings---PERIOD DOT... Until they surface again and legal paternity tests are proven, try to forget all about them and do not let them destroy the happy memories you and your late husband shared thoughout your marriage.

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Steve is correct, It's all about the being evil, money and a litte bit of power. These women got off on telling the children. Making the dad look weak in his death. Happen to me, a women told me about a older sister. When I ask my mother, she said she had hear a rumor that the child is your father. She's older, so I did worry about it. They never ask for anything and if he help the child she didn't know, it never was a issue in her marriage.

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I heard this happened at MY fathers funeral. The women approached my mom and not the children. I guess some things never change. The women should never have approached the children.

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Your right, The women should have come to you first.

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Sorry to hear about your lost. But what is the REAL question here? Or are you just venting? WHY do ppl do half the things they do? Essentially, that was very tacky and yes, they should've come to you..YOU know this.. WE know this BUT why are you writing to Steve just hear him concur with you?? A moment of comfort? I'm at a lost. Next letter...

Mrs. T
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Writer what the women did was wrong their is no excuse for their behavior. My question is did they come together, did they know each other? The other thing is how old are your kids that they need counseling because their father was having affairs and produced some kids out of it. Are they receiving grief counseling to deal with the death and are upset about the affairs and deflecting your feeling on wow it's great generic form of viagra them. The mistresses were wrong but your letter is really reaching for sympathy .

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Your husband was a dog and you had clues but because he paid the bills you took his word/lie for the truth. Yes those women are and were no good and so was your husband. You are partially to blame for all this and you should accept your part and then help your kids deal with this MESS as best you can. I don't see how these other kids have any financial right considering he has a spouse who in my state inherits it all.

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1. In the past I had question my husband and ask him was he having an affair and he said No, No Devil will admit that he or she is the DEVIL?? WOW WOMAN 2. I knew he was not telling the truth- iF YOU NEW WHY ARE YOU ACTING THIS WAY???? 3. But I did not have proof. YOU HAVE A PROOF NOW AND? DO YOU THINK THIS CHILDREN THE DONT HAVE THE RIGHT OVER THEY FATHER?? 4. He always paid the bills in our home and took care of our children so I did not push the issues anymore. - LUCKY YOU THAT LATER HUSBAND WAS DO EVERYTHING FOR THE FAMILY , JUST THINK OF THOSE TWO AMAZING MOTHER THAT THEY HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR CHILDREN, THINK BEFORE YOU TALK THANK YOU!!! 5. My question is this - WHY do women destroy children life's by telling them about the other children at their fathers funeral. - THAT WAS A PERFECT PLACE REMEMBER THAT WAS ALSO THEIR FATHER !!! JUST PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR LIVES SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND WERE THEIR COMING FROM. 6. Are they just trying to disgrace their father - HE IS A DISGRACE TO HIMSELF THAT GOD FOR NOTHING HUSBAND 7. or just wish to disrespect their mother? SORRY THAT YOU WERE COUGHT UP IN THE MIX HONEY AND THATS WHAT WOMAN NEED TO KNOW !!! THINK LIKE A MAN AND ACT LIKE A WOMAN BABES, OH WHAT A WAIST OF TIME , LUCKY YOU THE DEVIL IS DEAD,, MOVE ON DARLING !!!!! LOVE YOU GIRL WOMAN TO WOMAN FROM SOUTH AFRICA

C. Braithwaite
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Lady from South Africa need not write anything. Your grammar hurts.

That's not the issue!
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Ugh! You're making every ounce of my head hurt! That's not the're kids need counseling? How old are they? For that old are you? Look...your kids need to know their sibling(s), so stop being dramatic. And for the record, you are just as silly as those women. He paid the bills so you were okay with him cheating on you!? Get your self esteem up!

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How old are your kids? If they are minors, the other women should have approached YOU not them. Perhaps they figured that they wouldn't know how to contact you after the funeral - are they local or from out of town? Anyway, children deserve to know about all of their siblings, for a variety of reasons, it's just a shame that yours had to find out in this manner. Don't hold it against their brothers and sisters, it is price of levitra not their fault. All the best to you all!


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